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365 One-A-Day Thoughts

This is the first published book by the author. It consists of 365 short, creative devotions, based on daily experiences, yet gleaning lessons from the Bible.

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101 Sermonettes

A short book comprising of 101 devotional readings to kickstart your day. Preparing for a sermon, or just want a short read to make you see with new eyes? This is the book for you!

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of god and 31 buts

'But' is one of the most effective conjuctions. Learn, in 31 simple ways, how it has changed the fate of men, for good and for ill, in the Bible. A great way to have a month's devotional, this is the right book to show how God's 'BUT' can change your fate, too.

when god borrows

'The earth, and the fullness thereof, is the Lord's.' Psalm 24:1

How paradoxical that man, and women, have lent to Him? This is the subject of this short book, teaching on the blessing of giving to Him, who owns all, and has no need.

have you been to the ant?

'Go to the ant, thou sluggard, and consider her ways, and be wise.' Proverbs 6:6

While the wisest man who ever lived recommended University of Ants, many have not bothered to attend class. In amazing ways, this book gleans lessons from the anatomy, and behavior, of ants. The main question is whether the little creature has had a coup, and taken over dominion from those made in God's own image.

martin luther and the devil's hand

Ever wondered how there are so many churches in the world? This books answers why. At the mention of Martin Luther, many minds, ever so honest and knowledgeable, revert to the Civil Rights activist, but how many know anything about the one after whom the 'I have a dream' orator was named? Has not the Devil obliterated the story of the monk who shook the world one morning?

The life of the subject of this book is a script which would turn Hollywood's finest filmmakers green with envy!

my advocate & i

Someone said, 'Being acquitted in Court does not necessarily mean one is innocent. It could be he just had a good lawyer.'

Before the Unerring Judge, no one shall be, of their innocence, acquitted, but as one singer put it, 'He looked beyond my fault, and saw my need...'

Drawing a parallel from earthly judiciary system, the author proves how it is our privilege to have the Greatest Substitute stand with us in Heaven's dock!

when god was circumcised

An oft misunderstood fact is how Christ came as man, and was no 'Superman'. '

When God was circumcised' looks at amazing texts that prove how Jesus came in our very nature, and lived without fault.

Read how He tired, hungered, got frustrated, cried, and yet, like a lily sticking our of murky waters, remained untainted. A great lesson on how we, too, can conquer temptation.

3-2-1 Go!

Written in the mould of '365 one-a-day thoughts', and '101 Sermonettes', this is a devotional book of 321 pithy thoughts to evoke great spiritual thoughts.

broken chains & unbroken chains

This book explores Scripture's 'chain' moments, which God inspired holy men to record for a time as ours,

More than reciting history, the author opines how we, too, can break, in God's strength, the many chains, visible and invisible, that hold us down.

'If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.' John 8:36

when failure chased hard on the heels of success

A common line, 'People only care when you are born, and when you die. In between, you shall have to find your way.' How (un)true!

The books looks at many Bible characters who started out well, but looked into the rear view mirror only to see Failure chasing, and oft overtaking.